Respiratory Fit Testing (Qualitative)

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Qualitative Fit Test

Qualitative Fit Test

Testing programs Include

A) Training on correct application of mask.
B) Face fit testing.
C) Cleaning & maintenance proceedure
D) Storage

Legislation from the Health & Safety Executive means that all workers wearing tight fitting face pieces, i.e. half-masks and disposable masks should be fit tested.

As all employees have different shape faces, there is a real danger that a mask may fit inadequately. This in turn will significantly reduce the protection provided to the wearer.

This means that should an employee suffer serious illness as a result of a poor fitting respiratory facemask and no fit test has been carried out, it may be deemed that the employer has failed in their duty of care and could be prosecuted.

Furthermore as some fumes can have a delayed re-action like nausea and headaches, there may be a hidden cost to the company whereby an employee may be talking time off work due to these symptoms without linking the cause to a poor fitting mask. Again a simple fit test can eliminate the potential problems and save money and productivity in a very short time.

Another reason for poor fitting facemasks may be the employee not having necessary knowledge to fit and maintain their mask on correctly. Once again a fit test encompasses the issue and will reduce cost for the company and improve productivity.

Face Fit testing

  • Fit Testing
  • Application of the mask.
  • Maintenance & cleaning.
  • Storage.

As the COSHH regulations require employers to conduct a fit test check on all
Employees wearing respiratory masks.

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Online Catalogue |  Safety Training |  Respiratory Fit Testing (Qualitative)

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